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Carla Hrncir is a talented and intuitive interior designer with impeccable taste. We wanted to renovate a 3,800-square-foot English cottage on a creek lot in University Park, destined to be demolished. She singlehandedly transformed the house and served as the general contractor – respecting our budget and capturing the outcome we wanted. We were gone for three months in the summer and got back to our dream house, complete with flowers and updated outdoor seating. This multitalented woman also took over as our wedding coordinator with a garden ceremony, and set up a luncheon for 50 as beautiful and elegant as a countryside reception in the Cotswolds, England.

Lourdes Cordero

Dunbar Road Design turned our house into a home and made every step of the process highly enjoyable! When we first began working with Carla, our home design was in disarray. Rather than shying away from it, she joyfully accepted the challenge to fix our previous mistakes and figured out what we desired. From concept to the final product, Carla has a keen sense of capturing the essence of your individual personality and style. Her innate ability to understand my style needs and preferences – that I didn't even know I had – was uncanny. She takes your vision and brings it to life. If you don’t have a vision, she points you in the right direction without overstepping. She is creative and savvy in her use of colors, patterns and textures, and incorporates your taste into every room! Her relationships extend beyond her clients. Dunbar Road Design has a great network of specialists that will work around the clock because they respect her. She is reliable, fair, professional and wildly creative. When you hire Dunbar Road Design, it’s like working with bottled sunshine!

Ashlee Kleinert

Carla is a delight to work with and her talent in the art of design is unsurpassed. Her execution of projects is efficient and on target, bringing a fresh and creative approach to every job. She listens to her clients, which is very important in this business and sometimes hard to find. She can implement a client’s vision and brings brilliant ideas to the table that make every job unique, chic and special. Carla has great resources and trade vendors that are well-vetted, her work ethic is amazing, and her attention to detail is superb. Most of all, her personality and demeanor make the design process fun! I highly recommend and endorse her. You will be very pleased with the results!

Debbie Ingram

I had the pleasure of working with Carla on a recent remodel of our home. Our home is more than a structure: We spend time relaxing, working, and celebrating with friends and family. Carla’s eye for detail is astonishing, from every new fabric she chose for our home to the stunning new chandeliers. Now I don’t want to ever leave my happy home, thanks to Carla’s beautiful design.

Michelle Staubach Grimes

I am so happy to have worked with Carla of Dunbar Road Design as I moved into my new home. Each new visitor compliments my home as they enter. The colors, the decorative touches and, most of all, the excellent craftsmanship catch everyone's attention. I find daily comfort in the overall beauty and thoughtful arrangement of art pieces and furnishings.

Elizabeth Bourgeois 

Carla is the most amazing designer with impeccable taste. I moved into a house that needed some serious updating and was lost as to where to start. She helped me make the most of my budget and transformed my house from the 1980s to one with timeless style. Carla listens to you and works with your style while guiding you through the entire process. She was available and responsive with answers to any questions. I am so happy with the outcome and plan on using her again when I am ready for phase two of my renovation!

Lisa Baker

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