Dunbar Road Design’s founder,  Carla Fonts Hrncir, parents came from prominent Havana families. Her grandmother and mother were the type of women who traveled to Paris to purchase table linens for entertaining. “My mom appreciated the finer things, had impeccable taste and paid attention to the smallest details,” explains Fonts Hrncir, who inherited that mindset. 

Carla's great-grandmother (seated), grandmother (standing), mother and aunts in Cuba.

Carla's parents dancing in Nicaragua.

Carla's grandparents in an afternoon soiree at the Havana Yacht Club

Carla's parents on their wedding day in Miami.

In 1958 after being exiled from Cuba, her family eventually made its way to Palm Beach, where her grandmother bought a glamorous 1920s-era home...they lived on Dunbar Road.  Hence where Dunbar Road Design’s originated from. The grandeur of these homes that Fonts HRNCIR would frequent during summers made a lasting impression on her. 

The interiors were so colorful yet timeless,” she recalls. “I loved how they pulled together different styles, mixing traditional pieces with bohemian and modern. I wanted to bring more of that feel to Dallas while also making the home reflect my client. My passion, my culture, my history and my experience all come together when I am designing a home. “

Carla with her sisters and father after making his first Thanksgiving turkey (upside-down).

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